found some cool hotel! its has unusual features and imagine how your travel could be more interesting!! . i wish one day i’ll be in one of the hotel. honeymoon perhaps~ check it out.

this hotel has house shape like a dog, has dog decorations all over the place. its located at idaho, USA and its has two story body (double-story). this will suit anyone who loves dogs.

have you ever imagine to live undersea and watch how feel how the fish live? your imagination has come true. its situated at key largo,Florida and you have to scuba dive 21feet from surface and enter through opening at the bottom of the lodge. it so much feel discovering secret of underwater world. so you don’t have to go to any aquarium but you can see them outside your window!!

every couple would wish to have a romantic holiday especially for newly wed for their honeymoon. spending time alone together with all romantic stuffs like soap bathing in love-shape swimming pool, candle light dinner and rounded shape bed with rose petal all over the place. If you’re looking something hot and romantic oversea. this is terrific dream!!

love something more adventurous and exciting? this could be one of the place. located at new mexico, you can experience living in his 1,650 square foot, one-bedroom cave home carved from a 65-million year old sandstone formation 280 feet above the La Plata River. it has phenomenal views and you can have rock climbing too!

hotel on the tree? yeah its outrageous .. if you like to live somewhere higher and want something unique, woodpecker hotel would be a great choice. located at Vasteras, Nr Stockholm, Sweden the tree house set 13 metres above a Swedish public park, with rope ladder access only.

anything attract you already? or you still want to find other unusual hotels? try here!