Most of us in Malaysia known she as a person who has intriguing and eccentric taste in directing movie. She also well known for tearing and heart-soaking advertisement from PETRONAS. She is Yasmin Ahmad, one of i believe is the greatest director in Malaysia. I still remember during any festival like Hari Raya, Deepavali or even Chinese New year, me and my mom will waiting for advert from PETRONAS and then we will shared opinion or lesson from the advert. For me who in stage of being young adult, it is crucial for me to realize all those unaware thing we use to forget and keep always reminding about important things like love of family. The adverts always capture deep inside my heart. Now, she had evolved her passion into filming stories. Start with RABUN, true story about her parents but some of footage already been deleted by censorship board. unfortunately, I do not have a chance to watch this movie but I still in searching of it. Then, it continued with Sepet and Gubra with Sharifah Amani as a lead actress as Orked. Amani really great in playing role as Orked, make me fall in love with Sepet. Again, some of footage been deleted by censorship board. But she never giving up in her passion and make people to see and understand her view. Then, Mukhsin been born on 2006, story about ‘first love’ and bring the whole new perspective. I cried when I watched it, and I’m not easy person to be tame for crying. Latest, on 12th march there are private screening for her new movie “MUALAF” limited for only 13 people!. I wish I could be one of them, sadly I’m not but I wish I could watch when it screen on cinema soon. In my opinion, we need this kind of person in our industry to evolve. Malaysia need something new and different. We don’t have to interfere from west because I believe we have lots of talent person like Yasmin Ahmad. We just need to open up our mind and be supportive and who knows, one day we could be one of leading film industries, it is not POSSIBLE. However, I still be proud about now days malaysia industry, I could see lots of changing in a good way and I hoping it could be much much better. For Yasmin Ahmad, please never give up! I love your movies and your view! and I want much much more from you!!

more info about Yasmin Ahmad, you can visit her blog storyteller