recently, I bought couple of cute goldfish for C! and we both so excited about it (he’s the one who take care though). We named them Indie and Loly. Both of them from different type, Indie(male) is fantail while Loly(female) is veiltail. But we hope to breed them and can’t wait to see how the babies turn out!.. so I start to surf around how to take care this kind of fish.. (I have lots of bad experiences in taking care pets).. love to share too! tehee..

What you need?

1. goldfish

2. tank or bowl (depending on sizes and amounts)

3. net (for transferring)

4. water filter

5. Aeration

6. anti-chlorine liquid

7. food

What you should next?

1. water:2 gallons for every inch of full grown goldfish

2. sand/rock/gravel: use gravel that not get stuck at fish’s throat

3. plant: could be natural or non-natural

4. Perform a 15% to 25% water change weekly

5.Feed your pet daily (at least once per day), and only give it what it can consume in two minutes. transfer goldfish into temporary container. wash 2 and 3 with salt and water (or any special soap for cleaning fish bowl)

7. disease: check any differences at the fish. If yes, transfer to different container until the problem goes away. You could buy some medication at pet shop for some disease or bring to vet if anything goes bad. do some research on their disease

8. food:(flakes/pellet)choose food that specialize for goldfish. it has mineral and vitamins need for goldfish. soak pellet or flake at least one minute (absorb water and not expand in the goldfish)

9. other types of food :
Fresh foods: Romaine lettuce, Peas cooked, earthworms, eggs, cucumber, insect larvae, grapes,oranges, and spinach.

Dried Foods: Flake, Pellet, Tubiflex, Krill, Plankton, Brine shrimp, Blood Worms, Spirulina, and Daphnia

I will write about breeding later.. hope indie and loly will live long enough hee:)