for those who does not know what is fungus?… hee fungus is my honda civic-old fashioned- modified car.. which popular with quirky design and spot-attention color. haha I must say how much I love that car so much! I could never replace feeling proud when I’m driving fungus..seriously.. even C thinks same too! So, what happen to fungus? sadly.. I accidentally crash my car.. huk huk so it start on day I have lunch with C at his campus. On that day, C told me that there is no water in his house and his mom might not cook. so he wants to buy something for his family. we bought 4 chicken rice. because of C has class, I happily volunteer and insist to send food to his place. then, I drove to his place, as usual.. Then on junction near his house (between kedai mamak and grand union) I did not stop and crash over a car. I’m not sure why I think that road is straight and have no junction. perhaps I feel overexcited and my feeling get exaggerate too much. haha what more pathetic is..all chicken rice already all over my car seat! huk huk.. Then I became panic..and people at kedai mamak start hovering around.. I called my dad. Shortly, he came and settle everything. yeah, I get scold for a day and called being a disappointment. I called C and his mom..tell about everything and how much I disappointed because can’t send the food. **sob sob sob** luckily, no one hurt.. although there are family in other car… and about his car… left front part of his car was banged quiet hardly.. and fungus?? wuuu.. his front part..quiet bad.. his radiator is broken.. and front bumper fall off.. I almost cried but I must be strong. I hope fungus will be in recovery soon.. my dad still not repair him, he said he want to give me lesson.. I got my lesson..however.. I miss fungus so much!

p/s: fungus at my dad’s workshop..and became dusty and smelly.. because of chicken rice ( I did clean it up though). I can’t transfer picture fungus with me and C from my I only have this picture.