you know how much e-card has replaced us now days..if you want to send any card and you do not have free time to do can just click e-card and voila! its done.. what if you still love all those traditional way.. like collecting all birthday card and feeling happy when you receive birthday card from your friend? so now you can stop worry with all the can just click and choose any card from and it will be send to your friend for FREE!! yeah..u heard it right.. it is free!

I still remember last Raya, I received a card from a friend. Such a surprise! I had not received any card for past few years.. so I’m very happy to receive it., Thanks ZAIDI! so I start to surf and again.. it surprise me when I’ve found out my modelling tutor is one of pioneers. Hey sir Avijit Paul!

So, enluve still in developing process..only 5-6 cards available in mean time. however, I still look up for more later. Enluve is not just providing free delivery card, they also organize competition in designing cards.. last competition is for Christmas, and winner bring back SAMSUNG TV if I’m not mistaken. so if you love to can enter this vote-base competition, who knows you might be the one you bring back grand prize!!

here some testimonial for enluve:

“I have send 1 card to myself and another to my friend just to see how it goes and we received them both today! I gotta say, the envelope itself is quite fancy and I love the cards design + those handwritten wishes. Made it looked more personal. Keep it up!”
– Aphesz

“I have received the lovely card sent by my hubby, very nice, next round for christmas greetings ke? huhu congrats u all!”
– Farah

“Hey guys! I just wanted to support and wish the BESTEST of LUCK to Enveluv, its future is bright, keep your heads up and never give up!! Make ENVELUV ROCK it like its HOT!”
– Manda

“Received a couple of Raya greeting cards from my bro – Heikal who is in Adelaide today. It sure put a big smile on both the parentals. Although, my dad did go conspiracy theory on the fact that the cards are free! Anyways, it definitely kick my day a few notches up!”
– Ryn if you want to send card to your friend or your lover, you can do so.. start here!