Just watched 15th AIM. Surprisingly, Faizal Tahir won 4 out of 6 nominees. Congratulations Faizal!! Despite of having banned form 3months.. this award shows.. Faizal Tahir has lots more to offer and we as fans.. believe so much in his potential. I always like his songs..his voice.. even my mom fall in love with him through OIAM. I might not his hard-to-die fan.. but I still supporting him so much.. because I know how talented he is..

List Faizal Tahir nomination for 15th AIM:

1. the best Album

2. the best Rock Album

3. the best Vocal in Album

4.the best new artiste

If you’re a BIG fan of Faizal Tahir you can support him and join his fan club through Rockensteiner

or check out his myspace Faizal Tahir

Faizal, please don’t stop ROCK and ROLL!!