To all GG super-fan!

According to E!online, GG will extending to 2nd season consist 24 full-with-drama episodes!yippie!!

And there are also rumored, Georgiana (who we used hate to love) also known as G will be continue and will join cast full time.. hurm.. I’m sure next season will be naughty-bitchy season.. auww~~

oh, season one is still not end yet. Don’t forget to watch episode 17 and 18. hee.. a bit spoiler, perhaps:

Episode 17: Woman on the verge

After G reveals a reason S left Manhattan, S goes back to bad habits. In order to help S…B, Nate and Chuck have put their differences aside. Sadly, Dan assumes the worse for his girlfriend when Serena was ashamed to share the truth with Dan. Meanwhile, Rufus (hot dad!) is excited when his band is invited to perform at Rolling Stone concert. Surprisingly, Lily show up in his show when she supposed to have wedding rehearsal dinner that night.

Episode 18 : Season finale

Unexpected guest shows up on Lily and Bart’s wedding. G go somewhere so she can do no harm. Dan and S try to work out their relationship when Dan cheats on her (gasp!). Blair plans to go somewhere with chuck.


Love GG!!

p/s: ed westwick CW connect:P