yeah..Celine Dion,Whitney Houston, Jeniffer Holiday, Beyonce is some of great singer with great voice. I always get goosebumps whenever I heard their singing. but what I’m amaze are two absolutely wonderful singer with greatest voice especially in their current age. You’ve heard Bianca Ryan from America’s got talent. She’s a winner, entitled for 1million USD. She’s only turn 12 and yeah.. she can really make you feel amazed. And the other one is Charice Pempengco, from Phillipnes. I accidentally found her through youtube while I hear some of Bianca songs and I start to hear Charice instead. Charice is 15 but she also has a great voice. Hear both of videos and you will agree with me..



oh yes, another singer with lovely voice. My sis already post video of this little kid, 6 years old Connie Tolbat. Her voice might not big as Charice and Bianca but her voice enough to make you melt. She’s one of finalist for Britain’s got talent but she didn’t win. But she already has an album.



p/s: I added some new video. err… I better off study back:).