yeh, most of my friend would claim we look a lot like and frequently confused. This is my devil-monster-chic-very ‘the’-siblings. haha I’m the eldest, so I always the nagger (“berlagak cam emak” as the always called me haha). Then unpredictable-sis, Jia or Waji (the stripy tudung), scarcastic-plastic-sis, Mira aka etol (the specky without tudung) and my last cool-but manja-bro, Judin or den. We’re born quite close, a year apart (except me, 2years apart from Jia). We can be the best enemy and try to kill each other a day and turn out to be best buddy and gossip partner the next day. Even my mom often get confused. Yeh, no matter how many years come, we can never break this siblings-relationship.


p/s: Thanks Jia, I stole this image from your myspace.hahhaa
saje interframe family jap:P