Yesterday I watched American Idol finale and this season was the close and great competition from both Davids. and I think this season has the best contestant with a great quality. I enjoy both of them although I never a big fan of American Idol.. so it quite surprising how this season really make me want to watch it every week.. In my opinion, either one David win.. both of them is the winner because both of them bring the best in them. Love love Davids!! I melted when I saw David Cook crying after singing last song and after he’s been announced as the winner. How sensitive this man is..and he never afraid to show that…auww…so sweet! No wonder he can win with 97million votes, its a world record!! So if you missed the finale you should watch them..and funniest part when The Love Guru (by mike myers) came to the studio and giving them an advice.. seriously, I’m cracking up when The Love Guru trying to put shave cream on Cook’s face and Arculeta trying to catch some shave cream that fall.. Funny~~

watch here for finale performance:top 2

watch here for finale result:the winner is..

here is David cook’s myspace: david cook

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