Alex Latimer, is an writer and illustrator from menhealth. I love how well he can express some thoughts/feeling through illustrations. Isn’t he so creative?. here some writing and illustration from his blog:

This I did for an article in Menshealth that I wrote. The article tackles the question of whether men are better drivers than women. Age old and a little controversial – always a winner. The illustration is of this paragraph:

“Guys on the other hand have been writing off horses, ox wagons, penny-farthings and cars ever since it was an option. And it goes without saying that when you’re smashing up cars, safety goes down the toilet, along with affordable insurance premiums.”

This is for an article in Menshealth about how eating unhealthy foods can lead to erectile dysfunction. I decided to think of an idea that wouldn’t be too pornographic to draw – and I think I succeeded.

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