Actually, Jia is the one who loves fashion. She always trying to style different than others.. while me, sometime I do refer her and try to stumble a bit a make my own style. So, this time she crazy about vintage.. and me as usual one of her stylist assistance and her sister.. also fall in love with vintage. heee..suddenly is 30’s and 40’s again! haha we still trying to find suitable vintage dress and accessories.. and we wearing we still thinking how to mix and match with it. hee..she already ask me to go flee market but we’re kinda busy on weekend.. maybe next weekend~ So she found some adorable vintage stylist as references.. so perhaps I can share with you too!

Rhiannon, she crazy about 30s to 60s era. She has a very great vintage style. Love thrift shop and antique shop. Has an ebay for selling her stuff and she update her stuff weekly. she’s so lovely and cute too!!

here is her fashion blog: liebemarlene vintage and ebay: store

Another one is Heini, student of veterinary science from Finland. She has edgy vintage style. While Rhiannon loves dresses, she has lots of lovely boots! I’m so jealous of her. I always dream to wear boots . Perhaps I will wear it when Mira go Sheaffield later. hik

here her flickr : piksi’s photostream

this is fashion website which has collection of ‘vintage fashionista’ pictures, tips, stuffs for vintage enthusiast! great references!

more: bits and bobbins

p/s: Jia kinda crazy for T-straps shoes. So if you found any, tell me yeh? (we found some at Topshop but I’m afraid it has pig skin lining).