There is no charge for awesomeness…..or attractiveness

Haha seriously this panda named Po is so hilarious I can’t help myself to laugh until cried when we watched Kungfu Panda last Saturday. It been said Po resemble Jack Black a lot.. I mean A LOT! But I surely love how the story flow.. how the actions.. The jokes and Po… he’s soooo CUTE!!!! oh the animations were superb.. you can even see movements of Po’s fur. This is a MUST watch movie if you always love animation/cartoon.

Who is Po?

Po ( Jack Black) is a Panda and the laziest animal in Valley of Peace. He works with his father who sells noodle soup. He dream to become one of master together with Furious Five. His passion is Kungfu and foods. Later, he been a chosen dragon warrior to fight with Tai Lung.

Who is Furious Five?

Furious Five are Shifu’s (Dustin Hoffman) master students. They are mantis(Seth Rogen), viper(Lucy Liu), monkey(Jackie Chan), crane(David Cross) and tigress(Angeline Jolie). Po always admire them and hope to be like them later. However, the Furious Five tease him when Po is chosen as dragon warrior by Oogway. Just because Po does not know Kungfu and he is FAT.

Who is Tai Lung?

Tai Lung (Ian McShane) is Shifu’s former student ( a leopard ) who turns evil after being refused by Oogway to let him become dragon warrior. He been prisoned and guarded by 1000 rhino soldier but escaped later.

Who is Shifu?

One of master at Jade Palace. He always trying to find his inner peace. He has to teach Po Kungfu but believe Po is only a mistaken.

So does Po can make the Furious Five and Shifu believe in his kungfu ability? Can he win over Tai Lung? If you want to know more.. watch the movie now!!!

Official website: Kung Fu Panda

p/s: If you don’t have time to watch it at cinema. You can stream online here. quite ok quality.