Okay, this is supercool !!t designed by Nat-2 with dual design, slippers or snickers. clever! The sneakers come with a zip with its zipper hidden behind the shoe, which you can unzip to transform shoes into slippers.


  • The label based in Munich, Germany.
  • For first time ever the 2 in 1 system allows one to experience 2 shoes in 1 single shoe creation.
  • Due to interchangeable shoe sections and unique, sturdy zippers endless shoe combinations can be made possible by utilizing and experimenting with various colours, materials and sytles.
  • Nat-2’s are handmade out of best materials
  • The 2 in 1 innovation is internationally patented. All designs, functions and techniques are protected.


  • Interchangeable tops
  • stainless and sturdy zipper
  • flexible, abrasion-resistant outsole
  • 2 in 1 function due to below slip-on
  • shock-absorbing & cushioned footbed
  • Handmade & sweatshop- free quality
  • unlimited colour, style and materials combination
  • Travel-superfunction- save weight, gain space

argh! I want this shoes! this is pretty easy for people like me who likes to change from sneakers to slipper..no more extra luggage!!

more: Nat-2

p/s: C pls ‘belanja’ me yeh:P