hee.. I’ve been spending my full day for two days by watching movies.. yes..and its a romance/comedy/drama movies.. and it make me cry.. especially the latest one I watch just now.. Sob sob sob.. I know I get easily crying over sad movie.. I even crying when I watched Mukhsin last year in cinema.. I’m a woman, I should be sensitive, don’t I? hehe.. Orait.. here a list of what I watched~ oh wait.. I’ve been streaming online because I’m so lazy to download. I’ll give links too!

1)The Sisterhood and Travelling Pants

the story is based on novel written by Anne Brashares. The story is about 4 best friends who spend their summer apart and found this Jean they thought was magical because it fit one another despite their differences sizes. So they agreed to let each of them keep the pants for a week and they have to write the story when they were wearing the pants. It start with Lena who stay with her grandparents at Greece, which then she found a cute guy with an accent (half american/greece), Kostos. While Bridgette has a sport camp and attracted to her coach, which is a big no no in camp. Then the jeans past to Tibby, sour-tempered girl decide to make “suckementary” (documentary) on her view of the world. Later she befriend with Bailey, Leukemia girl. Last one is Carmen, who spent her summer with her dad, later found out shocking news that her father were getting married.

p/s: I were trying no to spoil you guys..but I bet this story cool! If you love sisterhood and friendship this story is the one you should watch with your BFF. The 2nd movie will come out soon! I can’t wait!

Stream online: Sisterhood and traveling pants

2) The notebook

Again this one also based on novel by Nicholas Spark, same writer with walk to remember. The movie start with an old man, Duke telling a story to an old woman about two young lover named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun who met one evening at carnival. Although Allie refused to go out a date with him at first, she later was madly found in love with him. Their relationship were disapproved by Allie’s parents and they were separated. Noah write 365 letters but Allie never got it and thought Noah already over her. Then as promised, Noah restore his dream house and hoping Allie will come back home, one day. Then Allie fall in love with a soldier named Lon and getting married. But she later found out about Noah and the house. it remind her about her past love, and later she has to make a choice between her first love and her fiance.

p/s:such a touching love story. you’ll be surprise to know the ending. šŸ™‚

Stream online: The notebook

3) P.S. I Love You
Novel based story by Cecelia Ahern. Story about a woman, Holly who lost her irish husband, Gerry (guy with an accent again) because of brain tumor in such a young age. They were married at such a young age and both parent disapproved them but they were so in love. So when Gerry leaves Holly, she become devastated and feel she lost her identity. In her surprise, Gerry send her a cake, gift and recorder player on her 30th birthday. This is marking for series of letter that Holly need to follow which instructing her to do unusual things. With a help of her girlfriends, Holly start begin a new adventurous life and wait for his letter.

p/s: seriously, this is the best movie ever!! I cried through the movie. sob sob.. it really worth it! and also there a lots of yummy hottie man with an accent too! hik thank you izwan for your recommendation! oh yes, it got wonderful soundtracks too! šŸ™‚

Stream online:P.S. I Love You

So yeah I love watching movies.. and each movie make me so vulnerable. Yes, I will continue watching this kind the movie. After this American Beauty is my first list, still finding other nice story though. Yes I will continue crying so later I will can keep smiling when semester start. I keep thinking of C while I’m watching this kind of movie. How can you not? (I mean thing about your loved one okay). ngee.. šŸ˜›