Gasp! This is a coolest thing I see.. the thing only move by wind. can you believe it? **Jaw dropping** He has been working on combining art and engineering for 15years and then he got it! This guy is Brilliant! So who is this guy?

Who is Theo Jansen?

Theo Jansen (born March 17, 1948, in The Hague, Netherlands) is a Dutch artist and kinetic sculptor. Theo Jansen studied physics at the University of Delft (The Netherlands) He left University to become an artist. He has been working on creating a new life-form. Beach Animals. These creatures consist of walking skeletons. They are wind powered. Over the years an evolution has occurred, which can be seen in the succeeding generations. Eventually he wants to put these animals on the beach where they will lead their own lives.In a BMW television commercial, Jansen says, “The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”

How his sculptor work?

Theo Jansen creates unique machines that collect wind with their wings, and store the energy in bottles that he calls their stomachs.Once enough energy is stored, they can move on their own.He says the creations are made out of cheap plastic tubes and rope. A good stiff breeze of about 20 knots will immediately get them going, otherwise it can take a week or two for enough energy to be stored.
“It works with the wings in front, they pump up air in laminate bottles. That you could see as the wind stomach. They eat wind, they put it in the bottles and that’s energy which they can use for walking when the wind is gone,” Jansen said.

To help me understand how it work. I found CGI simulation about Theo’s work:

Interesting right?

Visit his website: Theo Jansen
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His another great masterpiece, Animaris Rhinoceros: