So yes I did love shopping and spending my money with stuffs I loved. I’m a bit spendthrift I guess but I planning to save money for buying some other stuff. Just want to share some stuffs:

1) Flea market

Some unique items or antique items you can find here. This might be interesting place to find your vintage stuffs!. There some place I know around KL.

  • Amcorp Mall (during Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 6pm)
  • The Curve ( during Satuday & Sunday)
  • Sunrise Compex, Mont Kiara ( Sunday from 10am to 6pm)

More info: Malay Mail

Another type of flea market: bunch of people who loves and share same interest-shopping sells their products either brand new, pre-love or secondhand. lots of accessories, vintage clothes and more available might interest you. Most of the stalls have their own online boutiques/blogspots/livejournal. great great place to shop!

2) Online shopping (updated)

Good choice if you love designer clothes or accessories but it always way out from your budgets or you just want collectible/special edition stuff . Some of online shopping website have auction system where allowed you to bid. You might have cheaper price in your favourite’s! I never buy anything yet but Jia just received Casio Watch she bought from ebay. Pretty cool and some accept deposit cash. Here some list I’ve known/found:

p/s: Full directory for your online shopping :emmagemThanks to KarenMarie for info!

p/s:Oh! sorry for long listing hik:P If you trying to buy something far from your area, you have to take account shipment cost too!

3) Warehouse Sale

Warehouse Sale is a perfect time for shopping especially in branded stuffs. The sale could be crazy it some goes to 80% discount! For updating warehouse sale date and place check out ShoppingNsales. A great website for updated sales in Malaysia. you wouldn’t want to miss!

4) Bundle/thrift shops/factory outlet

There are few bundle shops around my area but I didn’t find it interesting yet. Perhaps I will try to find other place. C always fond to shop with me, I will ask him later. Some clothes from bundle shop might be 2nd handed so if you not used with it, you might get itchy. Make sure you wash it for few times first. However there are lots good condition stuffs especially shoes and bags. Some of thrift shops have charity concept, stuffs you buy will be accounted as charity. I found one at Mid Valley, quite hidden near Madam Kwan if I not mistaken. I always shop at FOS (factory outlet store). Its like my first place i find if I go to any mall. Thus, Reject Shop also have quite impressive collections. There are quite a number of factory outlets in mall like Mines shopping mall, Times Square, Sungei Wang etc. This place definitely best option for low-budget shopper and student like me:)

update: I found more info about the bundle stuffs! If you buy any from bundle, you should clean your clothes with hot water and salt. Eventually, bundle owner use some special chemical to avoid any bacteria so that’s why you always smell the same atmosphere around bundle. haha more info and bundle shops: Bundle

Oh I also want to share some bundle shops I’ve been:

  • Ali’s bundle– Have large collections of woman vintage clothes but not my size. but if you good in altering and always want some vintage dress.yes this is great!
  • XY bundle – Have quite good collections of clothes and perfumes! oh you can find some woman branded clothes here too!
  • Buntil
    – great collection of rare and branded clothes and shoes! If you love to collect vintage levis or limited edition/rare shoes. here’s the place. but be ready, it quite pricey because its limited.

5) Favorite brands

There are some brands that I love in Malaysia because of their difference in designs and styles although it can be costly sometime. I always buy only during sales and sometime I try to find something similar with cheaper price. Its good to have some references.

  • Forever21
  • PullandBear
  • Diva ( accessories)
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Topshop
  • Zara
  • MNG
  • Roxy
  • Mell
  • Springfield
  • H&M
  • Marc Jacob

6) Fashion info/blogs

recently, I spend a lots of time surfing through some fashion blogs,fashion photograph and mags to know some updated style and to find some inspiration in fashion. here some valuable fashion references:

there are another long lists.. but I let you all find other keh:)

Warning! Make sure you save your money before shopping. It could be frustrating and irritates when you want to shopping but got no money. If that is the case, care to window shopping. It might ease your shopping habits.

Happy shopping though!