Another design competition! I’m sure all creative designer must be love to design & win prizes. So I found 1 competition from my college’s online portal. Here we goes:

Who is Foldees? is a site created to market all the great greeting card ideas from anyone around the world. Designs will be moderated for content and professionalism, but once it goes on our site, we’ll pay you a royalty every time someone buys it! It will launch during Merdeka celebration, 31 August 2008 and for the 1st card, it need you to design a card theme accordance, “we are all geeks”. So be a first to be win with a cash prize worth RM2000 and wacom!!

How to participate?

1) Go to Foldees

2) Download AI template

3) Design according to theme

4) submit back to Foldees


1) no raster image!!

2) all card has to be create by solid vector

3) No JPEG,TIFF all image file and any form of shadowing, filters or transparencies of colour.

For more informations : Foldees