Hee, I love my new bed! Last Saturday, we’ve been shopped around Ikea. Mom said I need to have new look for my bedroom . she annoyed because my room looks small and tend to mess easily. I share room with Mira (my 2nd sister) but she’s always away and will be flying oversea soon. So, with two bed in 1room really make my room looks tight. That’s why its surprise me (I dream once to have this kind of bed) when she’s suggest to have double loft bed, so it will fit me and Mira and have larger space in my room. So there are loft bed at Ikea called Tromso and luckily there are also desk and shelve nicely couple with the bedframe. Just nice to put my books,notes, desktop and still have large place for study!.It quite pricey, so we bought only the bedframe and desktop & shelves but no mattress yet ( I used my single mattress for now). So I enjoyed it so much although sometime its shaky a bit but still.. I love it!love it! Thanks mom!

As promised, this is my bedroom..still a bit chaos and I’m so lazy to clean it up haha..oh I’m only show my bed not a whole room ngeh3.. so the upper one is my bed…lower one is my desk and shelves.. yippie!

don’t envy me yeh:P