Remember last post about vintage? Now, Vintage is totally IN for the season. Surprisingly, the wave already hit Malaysia as I can see lots of online boutique selling Vintage dresses, vintage bags, vintage belts and vintage clothes! Some online boutique do Bidding system and responses are overwhelmed! Most wanted dress can bid up untill RM100++.. yeh it unbelievable!.Junkster is one of my fav, as me and Jia keep buying stuffs from them.Lots of good stuff and friendly seller too! Hey Medina and Kimi! Last Bijou bazaar at Juempo De Ramo surprise me when I met Ami, My DeviantArt friend for a first time and guess what? She has her vintage store too!Called shoplifter. Jia bought dress and evening bag from her.Go buy them hurry, If you don’t want to miss your desire vintage dress.If you know Jezmine, you should know her exquisite style and amazing collection of clothes! more good news, she just start selling back her stuff online and great place to shop vintage items. So, I’m sure some of you still trying to adjust with Vintage flow. So here some list were you can buy and start being Vintager!

current fashion icon: Jean Shrimpton