yehaa!! Finally after bloods, sweats and tears (as Mr. Mus always said) we’re finally finish shooting our MTV. FYI, I’m taking Media Production Process this trimester  where I suppose to choose between MTV and Documentary as our main project. So my groupmate which are Rezza, Shasheera, Alysha, Im and me decided to go for MTV and put OAG’s song, Konspirasi Bising Internasional as our stake. After weeks of rejection and running out ideas, we’re finally accepted for production. yeah, its a hell of working I would say… to pass our 3 high-expectation-judges ( I mean MPM1023 lecturers) and fight to the death. Last weekend is a climax moments in our production as we’re having shooting days! We choose Sepang Goldcoast (it’s not Australia) as our shooting location and 2 full day of shooting!. We’re having this idea of a cameraman which is called Linda (bukan name sebenar) found a dice which has different expression. She don’t realize its not just a regular dice but could affects a whole environment if one of expression shown outward. So after 2 incident of weird situation (she accidentaly drops the dice), she figures out purpose of the dice. So she plan out her evil plan and she messed up when situations out of control. She trying turn everthing into normal by tossing the dice multiple dice. In the end, its back to normal and Linda bury the dice so no one will found it. Then, the dice found out by 2kids who playing at the beach. We’re having 12 talents for successing our MTV! Billions thanks for Nabila for your patience and efforts as our main cast and of course, others… Amir Yaakob, Irfan, Syafiq, Shakir, Pacak, Ida, Iznie, Nora, Haziq, Mahfuz, Marul and our cute talents, Dania and Lina. Oh! special thanks for Zul aka Rezza’s stepbrother (which is NOT true! ceh, tipah tertipu!) for being our BIG help in production. There were few incidents unpredictably happen but fortunately, I managed to control it.. Pheews~~  Oh! you should eat seafoods there.. because it just delicious and fresh! I wish I have steamboat that night (kesian Zul n Rezza xdpt mkn seafood). Next time perhaps! weee~~ Anyway we have a blast moments! seriously, I felt like I’ve been staying there forever.. despite of we’re having a serious-minor-sunburn! yeh we’re look like overcooked Prawn..(shian Alysha and Nabila..paling teruk sunburn) So, if you meet me with different skintone color (which is darker)..I really appreciate you just ignore it haha cause I know I’m having sunburn and its really painful! aargh! yeh kami past n future adalah budak2 itam hahha

Thanks korang for being such a great great crews. Enjoy working with all of you!

p/s: I’ll upload pixie when I have one! and also a complete finish MTV. wish me luck! NO MORE REJECTION PLS~~

here a dice that we used for our production. My sis edit it. haha


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