Wee.. I finished most of my assigments! yabedabedu!! Only left : last editing for MTV and study all subjects!. Yerp, I got semester examination three weeks from now minus Raya holiday.. yiarks! only two weeks left! I totally need to start study NOW! Oh, last weekI got presentation for our MTV. yeh! at least.. no reshooting! and we just need to tweak a bit of editing. Then, for my some-sort virtual zoo… another yippie! We got great feedback and one of best application. Worth a month of sleepless night.. ewwah~~ Actually, we’re thinking to publish it somewhere or giving it to kindergardern school.. as education references.. as we make a virtual zoo for kids. maybe we should aite?.. Thanks Anne, Fyza and Dilla! Love to work with you all!

This is one of my part. You need to choose any animals you want to explore. Sound effect and name of animals will come out whenever you rollover it. For example: Click hippopotamus, it will show name : “hippopotamus” with sound effect : some sort squeking haha.

p/s: anyone who wants to see the application can ask from me. Still in debugging process weee~~:P