Its already 14th ramadhan and I crave shopping for raya! haha Last two weeks.. me, siblings and mom went shopping. So I suggested Sunway Pyramid as most of them never been there (after renovation). After few reasons to convince them to go Sunway instead One utama, they finally agreed and my mom fall in love with sunway pyramid!! haha kelakar sungguh. So mira already finish spending her Raya money (yeh, I still got my Raya money although I’m 21. not until I start working keh) and I only bought 1 cardigan (rm27) and a short (rm15). I’d already listing out my wishlist and try to not spend overbudget! Jangan membazir oke! So here some of my wishlist:

  • Vest – hope to find a cheap jeans vest
  • Long sleeves – essential one!
  • Jeans/ long pants – maybe looks cute on me haha.
  • white shirt – bf shirt perhaps
  • dress – still browsing some cheap one!
  • croc shoes or hush puppies shoes?
  • casio gold watch -Bought it!

haha.. yeh, I’d bought my watch! and it way cheaper than I budget for. weee! I will upload the picture later yeh. So 2nd of Raya, we’ll shop like crazy!! can’t wait! I want to go to all bazaar, bundles and thrift shop! Please C.. bring me shopping! haha

p/s: I have 5 pasang baju kurung this year and this is 3rd time we have a ‘tempah’ one. yippie!