Isk..isk.. I’m crying at the end of GG’s Dark night episode.. not really sure why I should.. for Dan and serena perhaps.. for their unmend broken relationship or for Chuck ‘not-so-over’ Blair yet or Vanessa sacrifes due love for Nate.. its quite puzzling for who still doesn’t watch gossip girl episode 3… Nooo you know you should already.. call yourself the GG’s hardcore hehe.. kidding 😛 anyways.. I leave enough spoiler for you feel eager to watch it already. With a happy will.. just click link below and you can stream your fav Gossip girl about now.

Gossip girl episode 3 : Dark night


Oh.. just some review for next episode. I found some spoiler for episode 4 and 5 around net. Not sure if you want to know though.. but to give a bit saussy feeling..

acknowledge that : Lily might together with Rufus… and Dan with a new GIRL and Serena trying to befriend with… Blair trying to crash down her mom’s fashion show… oh.. and Chuck and Dan as FRIEND??

weee.. don’t you just get excited

here next review.