Some artist is just different that the other.. some has their own creative ways in showing their artworks.. some.. just try to convince their ideology and principle to make surounding aware and open their eyes.. some feel art should be just as mystery as it should be…Yeh, different people intepret arts in different way.. because art is universal. Best describe Banksy in my opinion.. hehe have no clue who is Banksy is? Fret not, I’ll share:)

Banksy, of whom some believe is the shortened name of Robert Banks, has been claimed by some to hail from Bristol in England. He was previously involved in graffiti tagging in the late Nineties, but then quickly realized that graffiti, although beautiful, could sometimes take hours to complete, thus making the danger of being discovered or attracting authorities painfully high. He seeked a way to cut short the time spent on a design, and in his book, he stated that one day, while hiding from the cops under a train, he saw some words ’stenciled’ onto the bottom of the carriage, and realized that he found his solution.
A Banksy stenciled art is rather easily recognizable: he has a distinctive style, which normally requires a two or three layered stencil with fine linings and a lot of attention to details. He usually uses striking, familiar images or iconic figures, edits the image and adds either an element of dark humor or an utterly controversial replacement image. His direct message usually centers around anti-war, anti-advertising anti-capitalist, anti-establishment or pro-freedom.
Banksy had various forms & ways to display his art. He started out hitting the walls with his images, & soon his designs got larger and larger. He was also known to sneak into museums & art galleries to add his own work to their collection, usually funny musings with it’s own original message. It’s stuff that the common eye would not recognize instantly, and usually needs a second glance.

This is approve why he’s one of great master:
WARNING: It could be a inappropriate but it is NOT a vandalism (at least for me)











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p/s: Thanks C for the info 🙂