Raya will be a week from now and yeh I’ve start my shopping raya huu~~ So I’d bought:

1) a pair of jeans from f21(70% discount!)

2) a slipper from vincci (20% discount)

3) white shirt and shawl from bijou bazaar

4) a necklace from f21

5) cardigan from FOS

6) beach short from FOS

yeh! picutres will upload later~ **ka-ching** still got money left wee~~ Now I need a shoes for my everyday and it should be easy and slip on hoho

but which shoes should i buy?? argh! help me pls!

here some options..

1) Croc prima ballet shoes – I know its off season but.. it’s comfy aite? not sure about the colour though.. I wish it has gold or bronze haha


2) old navy skimmer – because it cheap haha


3) gojane zebra or leapord printed ballet – animal printed is HOT!


4) roxy volley shoes – errr..



p/s: Yes! After calculating all the possible and shipping price.. I need to reject shoes (2) and (3) haha and roxy.. its not attractive as I though it was.. and waaaaay expensive too. ( I have one volley shoes from pull n bear. I will selling it soon) So I’d bought the croc one.. in dark purple haha.. its seriously comfy and I don’t care if there is a lots of ppl already wearing it haha lantakla  haha so I planning to buy their tidbits.. for personal touch ewwah~~:P