I’m sure some might not agree with me.. but Ex-boyf and Ex-gf were rarely could be friends.. Even you vowed each other that to stay as ‘best friend’ for oldtime sake.. but it would turn out better or it could even be worse.. That what happen to Serena and Dan after their broke-up. It all start with a new girl named Amanda.. and everything turns to competions.. and of course He-bitch always.. Chuck knows how to spin everything to be ‘Better’. And for good news for Katherine-Hater.. I think she is better-off-go as the twist is all over.. and bring the Marcus together.. so Blair and Chuck for next episode? yes! I couldn’t wait! Although I’m a bit in confusing how bring back Queen S will keep Blair closer to Chuck.. Puzzling~~

GG as HOT as ever

Here link for Episode 4: The Ex file

Next episode preview: Queen S outshine Queen B? I hear cat fight.. purrr~~

p/s: Oh there a rumor about GG the movie.. check out here