I know you ought to jelaous at me as I’d finished my exam yeh!! yedabedabedu! I’m glad my 2weeks suffering and killing time for study eventually done! I just got back from Sheera and Amir’s open house at Wangsa Maju (thanks for the foood!!) . Weee Happy I can celebrate Raya again.. hehe.. so what should I do this holiday?? I make a list things I want to achieve this holiday.. well first week holiday spirits… hehe

  • paint my room (china blue!)
  • tidy up my room (its really really messy! it need help)
  • do some sewing (practising and experimenting)
  • do some baking (more practising and experimenting)
  • update my blog (its almost empty without updates)
  • do some DIY for my room
  • go thrifting and bundle-ing
  • do some artsy and designs
  • find mirror and small cupboard

fuh! I guess I have too much wishlist.. not sure if I can make it but hoping at least half of it done haha…