weee that’s mean Hi everyone in french haha FYI, I’m going to take french next sem and I’m more in thrill mode! haha I’m not sure how can I handle this language thingy as me and language in not my top notch hahaha but C said it will be fun and I think too! and we dreaming we might fly over to france someday.. who knows aite? so learns french not brings any harms haha I need to sharpen my tongue and I always have problem with pronouciation (if you know me you should notice that) haha darn~ oke skin! Let’s study french!

A ah N en
B bay O op
C say P pay
D day Q koo
E uk R ehr
F ef S es
G ghay T tay
H ash U oo
I ee V vay
J jhay W doo-blaw-vay
K ka X ex
L el Y ee-grek
M em Z zed

here some greetings in french

Hello – Bonjour ! : Boh(n)zhoor
good evening – Bonsoir ! : Boh(n)swahr
good night – Bonne nuit ! : Bohn nwee
goodbye – Au revoir ! : Oh rvwahr
see you soon- A bientôt ! : Ah byeh(n)toh
thank you very much- Merci beaucoup ! : Mehrsee bohkoo
you’re welcome- De rien : Duh ryeh(n)

haha berbelit lidahku menyebutnye haha oke until next time!

A tout à l’heure !