Yeh I love baking! haha although it gets messy and troublesome most of time but I enjoy it! haha So as my dearest mom requested, I bake her cupcakes! Lot of it! haha I think more than 30~~ weee my mom not really into sweet things like me.. (I’m a fairy sweet-tooth) so its surprised me when she want to indulge in cupcakes haha she gets influenced by NTV7 cupcakes advert haha I try my best in decorating it as I’m not good at it. Konon2 nak wat cm pro haha jadik hampes~~ My mom love my cupcakes! she’s taking all of it to her office and left only 6 the best for eating at home. chumil kn? hehe Yesterday I went to Bangi (wak’s recommendation. Thanks!) and I found bakery supplier shop, Yummies and darn! I fall in love with the place. Lots of tools and I’m stunned.. like having a voodo spells.. I’m buying everything I could find interesting haha but I forget to buy a coupler for my decorating tools! huh.. Sooo coming there next time!!! Oh, I shall remind myself not to buy butterlite. stick with buttercup next time! I don’t like the smell of butterlite.. too buttery~~ Sorry dear.. I got no camera.. means no pixies~ Arh! seriously need to buy me new phone!