Wee I have a pleasent holiday. Not same as I always did. I always easily bored when I’m staying at home cause I’ll end up spending my days alone as my siblings busy with their school (  I hate MMU always has different holidays) and C gets busy with his exam and my parents with their workloads. But fortunately enough, I found a new hobbies.. yes I’ve said hobbies haha I still do my routines.. which are waiting devotely for my fav tv series everyday, finishing watch any missed movies, make mess and try to tidy up my room and  do some fridge cleaning as my mom always insisted.( she’s even called it my  holiday project). You already see my previous post about I mad about felt and sewing.. and also baking. although I’m not really bake a lots these days. I also keen to my new interest but I’m sorry I need to keep it silence first as I thought I want it to be serious business (InsyaALLAH).

Oh I need to tell you guys about my car. Last 2weeks my cousin, ghazi has been admitted to General Hosp KL for food poisining and my dad decided to pay him a visit after tooks Judin from his boarding school at Gombak. So I’m not following him that day as I got other plan with C. Then few hours later, My dad call me and asking about my car’s plate number. I totally forgot about it.. as I used a lot of cars.. Then my dad telling me about my car were  stolen and I stunned. I refuse to believe at first then it start make me dizzy to think I have no car. (oh I switched the car with wira before) How people can stole my severe-bad-looking car despite its engine good shape.. well it’s an old car.. 1980++ if I’m not mistaken. not a brand new.. not even a mercedez.. its a TOYOTA corolla! darn! oh I missed out most important part… my dad did mistake by parked outside the hospital (not a decent parking. I know)  he thought he could spare sometime but overlapped when he start talking with my aunt. Poor Judin. He lost his books.. his uniforms… even some clothes.. and he could not handle the stress that day ( he will be taking SPM like few weeks. how could you handle that!) So we need to buy everything by next day. Then dad already make some police report. I could not believe the police hesitated to write a report just because it is an old car and we lost just some 5K of money. WTH! it still money. not that you can pay us!

I still clueless how my car can be stolen and I have not hope it could be found nearly soon. (zero hope) some says the car might been used for drifting.. and lots of same cars reported stolen.. haha might be half true. I like that car because I can drive anywhere..without probs.. (except.. the tyres) and I stuck with Jia’s car.. kesian die tkde keta dh.. and I miss fungus even more. I don’t when my dad’s friend will start recover my car.. it already a year. I think I want to buy a new car as soon as I graduate! haha