it’s already friday night and past few days been difficult to me.. As all of you knew about my stolen car, another incident related with my car do happens again.. this time.. quite complicated story.. started with my car brokedown at middle of road on my way back home.. I tried so many times to start it back but fail…I was quite blurred and no one stopped their car to help me..  although the road quite packed with people rushing to home… Then I’m lucky enough, my mom saw me waiting at side of the road so she fetch me to home (my car still left at the same place. I lighten up my hazzard light, hopefully everyone will get notice there is a car there.) However, bad incident do happens when you least expected. My dad sent towtruck to get my car. unfortunately, somebody who drove KIA hit the back of my car (my dad called me). Everything become complicated.. the driver wants to make report to police so he can claim his insurance.. while I at home worried I might get into some trouble as I left my car at middle of the road. whoosh~~ its crazy! haha

Next day,

Dad handle the report thingy and we’re lucky that the KIA owner will pay for car’s damages! (Apparently he did saw my hazzard light blinking from afar but he still hit it.. humm??)

A bad thing is…

I left with NO CAR! Nada~~~ aiyaya.. need to figure out how I’m going to lecture next weeks! argh!

I guess I never lucky with cars.. with the series of unfortunate events with cars! maybe I need new car haha!!

Dad, can I have new new VIVA? hahaha

oh.. I need money~


p/s: I love my french class! I never though I can easily remember all those words.. yippie! and Lilianes is such a adore~~ J’adore… (I adore)

Au revoir! (goodbye)