for past 6weeks, I’ve been traveling back and forth by various transportation:
vroom2 with C, vroom2 with dad, car with dad, car with jejet and car with dynat

thanks of bunch for helping me yeh! especially my C 🙂 for being patience and helpful.

and today, with spirits in my heart (weee!) I traveling back home from campus by public transport.. haha believe or not I successfully arrived home 30min ago.

my journey took nearly 2hours..

1) waiting for bus (20min)- riding bus t146 (20min)
2) waiting for erl (20min)- train to bndr tsk selatan (15min)
3) waiting for ktm (10min)- train to ktm serdang (10min)
4) waiting for bus(10min)- riding bus t443 (20min)
5) walking to home yippie! (15min)

which cost me rm5.30 (erl) and rm1 (local bus) = rm6.30

relatively cheap i guess haha rather satisfying journey and i felt like a school girl all over again

maybe I will continue for this week as C quite busy with his lil sis wedding and I don’t want to burden him.

only 3weeks left for 2nd sem to end! yehuu!

and I hoping I got a car by next sem. having no car make me felt like losing one of my limb. (org kate bagai ilang kaki)

pray for me k