I know I need a new one as my unreliable-most part-not function 6610i phone making me fed up already. But I’m not really phone buyer.. My dad bought me 1st phone (nokia 3315) and mom for the 2nd (nokia 6610i). Basically, the phone need to be not-function-dead at all for me to buying new one haha I’m like the lamest phone owner: no 3G, camera 1.3mp, sound polyphonic and DEAD! haha I’m quite choosy in buying one.. to much options and I end up not buying any haha teruk kan? which one I should buy eh?

1I’m dying to this model since Libby ( sisterhood travelling pants 2) own it! but 2.0mp and LG (no offence for LG user. I’m quite a ganas2 type. this kind of phone will broken within a second) is such a turn off! I love the side-flipping sound. such adore!

2 its Nokia, touch screen, 3.2mp,up to 16GB, express music means great sound but rm1600 maybe too much?

3 this one is crazy! 800×480 screen, QWERTY, touch screen, 3.2mp and lots more! this one is a dying one and one hell of price too! argh! WAY out my price range. bye bye Xperia X1 wuuu

48.1mp! its cybershot! one hell of camera haha.. 1600 still too much for me to bear.

5 n-series always a catching one. 32Gb internal memory, 5mp Carl ZeissTessar lens, N-gage games, 3.5 inch screen. such a blow! I guess it must match up price with xperia huk

arr too much option and too pricey! I also wish to have any DOPOD, O2 or HTC. probably after I start working. for now, I’m buying an economic one but I still finding the right. oh phone~~