You know how GG could affect your emotion relentlessly. This what happen to me when I miss 2ep in the row and just finished watching it. It killed me.. assuming you all already watching GG ep16 I might spoil a bit on e17. tehee

As you know how Blair wanted Yale so much she will never let anything in between to capture her dreams even its Serena new-best-teacher-friend, mrs.carr . So when mrs.carr who resembles mother theressa got problem with blair it cause a HUGE and UGLY mess. Serena not being thruthful with Dan about her feeling in enrolling to Yale as couple. Rufus and lily as sweet as sugar together:). while Chuck try to recollect his lost memoirs after woke up with help of Nate and Vanessa. Apparently Nate and Vanessa become an item again. Chuck will found some hidden true about his dad.

Oopsie! too much spoiler. haha I hope chuck will back to Blair. I miss them!.

Anyway you should watch this week HIMYM. it gets hillarious every minute! Barney is awesome! and I hope Robin will found it that way too:)

and ed westwick.. my heart:)

and his accent double heart! and his rummies is chace .. how can you resist that?

I should find son of rambow later!