weee I’m back! haha I know I’ve been invisible from this blog for soooo long, some of my friends keep bickering me to update it. here 3 reasons why I don’t update much:

1) I lost my purpose in writing this blog which means to share.. turn to my daily life + craftzies story which lead to other reason

2) apparently writing your story life will much interesting with pixies and I don’t have camera! double-zero for me.

3) I make myself busy with crafting and sewing apart from study. with no cam leads me without update

I will try my best to update and steal/borrow dad’s cam then I can upload pixies!!

I’ve been sewing a LOT lately. after spending much money to repair and modify mom’s machine I felt such a joy to have my own machine. I did bought a little machine from lelong. A big helper to sew small2 part but I’m thinking to sell it later.I’ve done sew:

1) tote bag

2) wallet

3) credit card wallet

4) cosmetic pouch

5) toilletries pouch

6) sock monkeys!

7)pillow cover

tripple yeh for me!!

Thanks dynat for your sewing inspiration and let me borrow your machine before:)