do you own a vaseline ? better known as petroleum jelly. vaseline is one of powerful and great uses especially in emergency some tips how to use vaseline to beautify yourselves with vaseline.

  • use as your mascare: dab some vaseline to your lashes then use your lashes curler to make it curl. it not only save your mascara but also make your lashes grow longer. it makes easier to apply mascara later. you could apply to your brow to tame it.
  • use as your lip gloss: just dab vaseline to your lips after apply your lipstick and it make your lips plump. it moisture your lips too! so apply it when you have chapped lips. you can also exfoliating with toothbrush for smoother lips.
  • emergency eyeshadow: put a bit of food coloring to petroleum jelly and apply as usual.
  • make your foot smoother: Apply to rough feet 3 minutes after bath or shower to moisturize them. Applying it right out of the shower helps absorption. You can also put it on your feet before bed and wear socks and you’ll wake up with soft, smooth, lovely feet.
  • soften your hands: Apply a generous amount to your hands, then wear gloves to bed. You will wake up with the softest hands ever.
  • as make up remover: you could easily remove your make up using petroleum jelly
  • make your cheeks look dewy: apply to your cheeks. it will looks radiant and dewy.
  • protecting your nail while painting it: . Apply around the edge of your nail. It’ll make sure no polish gets on your skin while softening your cuticles.
  • remove falshies glue : Rub a little on your eyelashes to remove frustrating leftover glue from fake eyelashes.
  • help hiding split end: Dab a bit onto the ends of your hair to hide your dry, split ends.
  • prevent razor burn: Apply a little to your legs after shaving. It will both soothe them and smooth them
  • homemade scrub :Add sea salt, and it become the perfect bath time exfoliant.
  • protect skin from hair color: . Apply around your hair line to ensure no hair color absorbs into your skin. Just wipe off later and you’ll be ready to go.
  • for long lasting perfume: Dab a bit of petroleum jelly on your pulse points. Then spray on the perfume.
  • use for no-tear shampoo: rub a fair amount to eyebrows and it will be a shield protecting from shampoo get into your eyes.