What are you proud for accomplishing in 2008? Anything you wanted to accomplish that didn’t quite happen?

I know I should write this a long ago before 2009 but I kept it for sooo long I tend to forget it. ngeee

I proud I improve my communication skills compare to last year. I believe I can write better and speak well. I learn to listen than talk too much crappy. I learn to be more patience and think before act. and I still trying to control my short-tempered habit and make ppl hurt without I realize it and stop talking nonsense haha. I proud I can sing unwritten well (sherry finally approve my singing haha) after a year I keep rolling a same song at karaoke box. haha yeh I’m a bad singer. I’m proud I did well in my french language and I can speak some of french language. (I miss french..) I wish I will take level2 in the future. I proud I did well in mpm class as it exhausted me a lot! I love being director:) I regret I still not know how to handle my finance. really bad in managing it. I hope this year will turn better. I proud I wore contact lens successfully! haha I proud I change my tudung style and my dressing style. finally I find shawl suit me better with hassle free.

I proud that I almost finish my study.. left only a year for me to end my studies. I’m grateful for I chose what I want instead of what ppl want me to be and I’m happy with my course. Although it clashes between 3 faculties (FIT, FCM and FOE) and I score mostly in FCM subjects but I’m glad I chose FOE. My result might not be great as I should be but I glad I achieve what I determined after a long struggle. But I want to better result before grad. gambate!. I should study harder:)

I have this ideas/wishes since a child I should crafting more and one day open my own craft business. I love crafting so much when I was a little and my mom is always a person i longing for compliments. she such a great supporter! I hope 2009 will make me getting more creative and achieve my crafty-dreams.

In term of friendships, I know I can be very difficult to most of my close/best friends sometime but I wish they understand me well. I’m happy our friendship still strong despite all. I proud to meet lots of new friends! yeh, I’m easily forgotten your name especially when we’re just meet each other eyes for 5minutes. so humor me by telling your name again:)

I proud for C. who keep me company most time and my best friend and great lover. I could never replace your for others. I know I make you exhausted and loathed  sometime.but pls stay with me again for more years yeh, would u? I’ll try to be good girl:P

I’m proud for my photocopied babies, judin, jia and mira. All of them finally end their school year and entering college (except judin, still waiting for spm result). I wish we could get closer and spend time together:)

I should take notes on some areas that needed to be improve this year. I hope this year will give me more greatness and bliss for me and everyone surround me.