I’ve been a fan of barney stinson for a long time. I never thought neil patrick harrison who played barney is actually a GAY? He’s so cool, awesome and hot in HIMYM but in real life.. he’s gay.. auww~~ but i think WTH.. he’s still awesome! ahahha and surprisingly fact.. he can sing! and act as doggie md as a teen.. double awesome!! plus! he could do MAGIC!! it sooo LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!!! couldn’t wait for next HIMYM!!

Neil with his beloved, David singing take me or leave me

I found out both of them.. a pretty cute and positive couple weee

neil singing in sweeney todd concert!

interview at ellen show after his confession

neil show his magic!

neil and elmo backstage

neil in MADTV

neil doing prank calls

aren’t he so awesome!! i simply can’t stop sharing his vid as he so hilarious!

if you he’s fan too check this out babe!

nph fan