wee last monday, my mom need to outstation at Ipoh for 2days which left me and judin. I’m not a very good cooker.. because I didn’t practice much especially malay cuisine… yep… my specialty only ayam goreng, telur goreng and nasi goreng kicap haha.. I think I bake far better than cooking.. Judin only like my mom’s cooking so when I suggest to him I want to learn cook.. he said”nape judin yg jdk mangse” haha so I said he can buy other food himself if he don’t want to eat mine. After browsing some recipes at myresipi.com (yup I need recipes) I figure I want to cook:

1) sayur campur ngn udang kering
2) masam manis udang bornea
3) ayam masak kicap

so I defrost chicken and prawn then I cut all needed veges and bawang and all that la.. Then I start to cook! here the outcome:


I think I did very well in ayam masak kicap.. hoho I found out Buah pelaga makes the magic! Even C’s mom and sis said it tasty! (yeh I send a bit to C for he to taste it but apparently he given to everyone else.. huk segan den) mission accomplish!

p/s: judin did eat it twice because he’s so hungry waiting for my dad