I’ve been juggling between my addiction towards crafting and studying for midterms for past few days~ do you remember i post up about my wallet and I’m planning to sell? Well I finished another 10 wee~~ I should open selling my wallets as i promised but my former school friends, Mariah offers me to sell with her at Tasik Titiwangsa today on Dodgeball tournament! (yeh, i just found out malaysia have dodgeball~~)the whole ideas kinda scare and exciting as I never sell any of my handmade yet.. The crowds not many as I thought it should be but I was overwhelming with all compliments toward my wallet!! so, mission accomplished I guess haha and the most fun moment is we make new friends with ‘our jiran’ who also make handmade!! They sells plushies, pixels and handpainted shoes! You should visit their blogs!(ohh they’re have 3shopblogs!) this is one of them: makhlukgorgon.They’re sooooo coool oke.. main Uno pon jadila haha..And I’m so so sorry for not posting about this event.. I was so rushed with everything and even forgotten to post a blog bout it!dang~~ So, I’ll upload some new new wallets and open my blogshop very very soon! I need to find camera!

p/s: seriously need new phone