I never receive any giveaways. I just learn recently about whole giveaway thingy and I think it is fun to do and joining it. So Lian who own lilstitchy will be giveaway this cute pouch, donut, fruits, pincushion, mostly made by felt. I hope i’ll be having any of it! weee


I know lian since she comment at one of my post not a long time ago but due to our same addiction and madness toward sewing it brings us closer.. she is interesting person to know. she not only just open her blogshop and learn sewing, she also love photograph weddings and having another blog about weddings! I never found any person who has so much passion in so many area. I hope she will be succeed in her dreams and her craftshop and maybe we can make a team together teheee:)

good luck lian!

if u want to join her giveaways, do come visit here: lilstitchy