Wee I’m sorry I need to bring forward the result for giveaway.. but I have great news! I will giveaway all 4 pincushion instead of 2! why? I just love giving it away tehee.. so there will be 4 lucky winner! So here list of participants:

1) Lian
2) Mas
3) Ana
4) Kak Azzah
5) Nisa

I write all the name in piece of paper and put in this box:

mr. Octo help me in draw outs the winner. he sure excited, aren’t you mr. octo?

and the winners are:

do send me your details at skin12@gmail.com. I will post it out on wednesday, insyaALLAH.

mr. octo with all the winners name on his hands

congratulations to all winners!! and thank you for all those participated.. I do enjoy it..:)