hoo I still in test  mode. I just finished the third paper yesterday and I have the last one tomorrow.  I know I should busting myself with notes now but I just miss crafting. so I did sew this little cupcake pouch to release a bit of stress.


woah~ it fits a phone

and try-and-error stamp making using eraser. I done some stamping last year using lino but stop haha I still newbies.. and not neat like mangosteenskin. guess I need to practise again!


note for myself: I should carve the letter inverted.. haha

and some my stamp collection I did myself awhile back.

1) my 1st stamp: trying to make an owl.. (bajet terer amek yg ssh2)


2) transformer stamp, compliment with my bro’s transformer pencil case


3) some flowery I trace from the net. can’t remember where.. ni paling kemas kot haha


a bit is oke right?

p/s: crappy pixies due to my “parkinson” hand