What is cloth pad?

it is an reusable alternative sanitary pad which made by layers of absorbent fabric (eg: cotton) worn during woman menstrual period. they can be reuse by washed and dried it back. It could come with wings or without. and there are many types of cloth pad to suit yourself: pantyliner, medium flow, heavy flow and even night flow!

why choose cloth pad?

As earth become sicker and sicker, we need to aware how to save the earth before it too late!. by using cloth pad is could save earth by hundreds! Cloth pads are environmental friendly because it can be reuse over and over again, and no plastic packaging involve which material can easily composed. less or no chemical used in making cloth pad which result NO MORE smelly down there. it is also breathable, so no more V-odor! it is also customizable to suit your needs and sizes. And you can have different colors and patterns too!! a BIG plus! cloth pad also less likely cause rashes and help women who afflicted with certain vaginitis. For woman who has sensitive and allergy skin, cloth pad definitely help you feel more comfortable to skin. Cloth pad could be expensive at initial (could could you more than rm10) but it is economical for long term used. imagine how much you spend for your pad per month: 10pads x 12 x rm6 = rm720 per year! for cloth pad: rm30 x3 =rm90 per year!

where to get one?

Some malaysian already sell this products so you don’t have worry yourself in finding overseas.


or you can make own yourself.. make sure to understand type of fabrics used by searching at the net.

tut A
tut B
tut C
tut D

Think again! you not only save the world but yourself:)

p/s: I will buy cloth pad soon! I always have problem in disposing pad at home. throw in garbage, i feel uncomfortable someone will see it. And I just hate plastic packaging all over the place. adhesive and plastic give me all the itchy feeling.hooo or maybe made myself one.