As I finished my midterm last week.. this weekends are the time I spent on crafting and of course family~ hoo My whole friday with mira.. she just taking her driving lesson so I becoming her ‘cekgu driving’ and she accompanied me to kamdar to buy some fabrics~~ then Saturday, I spent whole day finding more craft supplies and fabrics~wooh~ that was tiresome.. And on sunday, as we all missing Jia.. WE went to MICET at melaka to see Jia. she has not coming home for quite sometime. (she said she has labs and tests) so family gathering is fun! all the jokes keep repeating all over again.. (especially about ‘ayam gemok’ cit!) and new jokes and scene happening. (like lari jangan macam ayam and ‘sheldon n penny’) Weee and mom belanja me kekabu! yesh! I will be making pillows for mom and for my car soon! and maybe some plushies~~

okay, enough about weekend. be meaning to show off this actually. most of my friends keep bugging me making file organizer like i have and mom too agreed I should make and sell the file. I done making one, for now. then I experimenting to make a smaller version as cover for diary or planner.. with extra pockets and place to put pens.. suits for working person and me, who will start internship this june!!. take a look!

this file organizer will be selling soon! but you to wait:)

this note cover still in experimenting. I will make another better.