weee entry bm jp~~


giveaway ni kak ayu yg offer. chumil kn? tote bag siap de pencil case tu.. sgt cute!.. yg plg besh de needle case strawberry. sgt nyam nyam hee.. skin knl kak ayu dr link2 craft blogger. hee sbb kak ayu menjait. skin dh linkkn kak ayu dlm WBL. hee nnt sng nk check any updates. wee kak ayu de buat boxy pouch cm skin jugak… sgt cute! sbb hello kitty hee.. skin hrp kak ayu keep up all the hardwork and passion in sewing:) and good luck to her shop!:)

p.s: thank you kak ayu sbb bg chance nk menang giveaway *wink wink*