I bought this shoes like months ago but I never wear it. because…. it doesn’t fit me well! if you ask me why i buy it.. i longing to find this shoes like forever… then i found at springfield… then just bought it~ impulse buying, i think hahaha.. while trying i’m pretty sure my feet fits in the shoes.. i trying to jump with shoes too.. but i think my feet grow another inches and poof~~ i only wear during trying and sometime posing in house and once when to class (i determined to test it and the result.. is painful. i seriously don’t fit at all~). so as hard as it may seem.. i have to let this gorgeous shoes away to right owner with right fits.


this shoes will fit to size6 (vincci) feet.

I’m selling this at rm100 (negotiable) as the original price is rm239. oh~~ i don’t lie.. this shoes is expensive. here the proof:


if you interested to buy this. you can email me at skin12@gmail.com or just leave your comment here:)