att to: kak liza and kak mas

hee it is my fault for not having any exact planning in swapping. in my defense hee i never do any swap bot.. so it just mess up me a bit i’ve been busy with assignments and some update for my shop. hee sorry kak mas and kak liza.. so this weekend i will start making swap pouches for both of you:).

rules for swapping:

1) kak mas and kak liza will swap with me only except kak mas and kak liza have any other agreement to swap between both of you:)

2) you can swap with me with anything you make with 1 condition.. you made it with love heee:) (skin je yg bg pouch hik. kak liza n kak mas bley je wat pape hee)

3) the postage date: 24april, friday (if kak mas n kak liza did not agree with dateline. we can change hee )

4) any Qs you can leave comments here:)

weee can’t wait!!

p.s.s: the date will be move to next week