hey handmade lovers!

don’t forget to swoop yourself to berjaya times square on 3rd may to funk this event!! why you gonna love there?? it will be more than 15 booth will be open and all are handmade!!! if you’re a geek of handmade this is one event you don’t want to miss out or you will be regret soon!. so buckle up! save some money and spend on pipit wonder markets!!

this all things you might see in the market:


I’m going to wuhuu09 this 25march!! and i’ll bring lot of new stuffs!! so if you stay in ipoh or you’re going to perak this 25 do join to hip wuhuu09!!!! I’m going to share with shanty and soomy from makhlukgogon/blupsblups (they sell cute plushies, customized painted shoes and more!). do drop by to our booth.. we love to chat!! and maybe some uno game 🙂

see you there! you don’t want to miss the fun!

more about wuhuu09


p/s: if you still interested in any of items from the WBL you should grab now or i’ll bring to the events. heee
p/s/s: i’m gonna be busy for the whole 2weeks.. my days will be spend with sticking myself with the machine and laptop for assignments! wish me luck!